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President's welcome!

As the official seminary of Christ Communion, St. Thomas Aquinas' innovative, challenging academic programs empower students,  preparing them to be of service to their local community. The University offers all the benefits of a highly personalized, small university experience with the convenience of online and distance education. St. Thomas Aquinas embraces a global view and reach, evidenced in our international programs and the national and international student body.


Our distinguished professors are dedicated to working closely with students in and out of the classroom. Our programs are of national caliber.

In addition to our programs in theology and Christian ministry, we are able to offer numerous practical training and professional development programs in a wide variety of fields.


After visiting our website, I hope you will consider exploring St. Thomas Aquinas further by contacting us and letting us show you just how exciting continuing your education STAU can be .


We look forward to  sharing with you the St. Thomas Aquinas promise as we help you prepare for your future.


Rt. Rev. Patrick Saint, D.D. 

Our Philosophy
Online Monitoring

St. Thomas Aquinas University provides self-paced external programs that are custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual degree candidate. Our programs are structured to allow our adult degree candidates much greater time flexibility when compared to traditional classroom based education. Our programs are candidate-centered which allows for one-on-one interaction with faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Thomas Aquinas University is to provide a high quality and economical educational forum for adult degree candidates seeking self-improvement and professional growth. The university and its policies shall always reflect our belief that all endeavors, especially education, must encompass the mind, the body and the spirit. The underlying values of the university include a respect for our environment and a faith in the natural order of the universe that we share.

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