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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Interested in becoming an English tutor? Or possibly in teaching English abroad? 

Then the TEFL Certification program at St. Thomas Aquinas University can provide you with the tools it takes to be successful.  We offer 3 different certifications to meet your needs.

Teacher Instructing
60-Hour Basic
TEFL Certificate

Our Basic Course consists of Introductory Modules that provide those interested in teaching English with a core understanding and grasp of ancillary skills and systems required to plan for and manage classes. This course is a great option for teachers who have many classroom hours already completed, but with little to no formal training with regards to overall curriculum and classroom management skills and tools. 

Teacher and Young Student
120-Hour Standard
TEFL Certificate

Our Intermediate Course is designed for private tutors. You’ll learn teaching and classroom management techniques, without getting into advanced topics like curriculum planning and grammar. Teaching modules are divided according to specific skill areas.

Female Lecturer
200-Hour Professional
TEFL Certificate

Our most popular and highly recommended course is meant for those who would like a solid platform from which to embark on their TEFL career, or upgrade their current skills and abilities. This course is required for those who are planning to teach in countries that require an international TEFL certificate in order to obtain a work permit.

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